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Hello! I'M Jimmy Chung.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Software Developer
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My aspiration is to make a positive impact on society and the world around me. How do I approach achieving this? Well, I strongly believe it all starts with the right attitude, as attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude. Adhering to this philosophy I strive daily to improve myself and others, and make a positive impact on society. I have strong interests in entrepreneurship, business strategy, finance,and the emergence of Blockchain and Machine Learning technologies. Most interested in working in fast-paced environments where accomplishments and progress are realized quickly, I strive to not only master the technical aspects of the technology sector, but also to fully embrace the industry from a business-minded perspective.

My keen interest in finance has also lead me to manage a personal portfolio of equities, bonds, ETFs and cryptocurrencies while keeping a watchful eye on global financial markets. This perspective has opened my eye to the ability for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to enable the unbanked to access financial services in which they do not have access to currently. With 1.7 Billion people currently without access to the financial system, economic opportunities are missed, socioeconomic mobility stagnates and starting a business or saving for education becomes simply impossible. Solving this problem with blockchain technology would ensure an economic boom while pulling millions out of poverty.

Currently, I’m the founder and CTO of RideUP; a revolutionary long-distance carpooling start-up enabling more convenient, affordable and environmentally conscious method of long-distance travel. RideUp will launch with both a traditional centralized platform in conjunction with a decentralized Ethereum dApp. RideUp strives to be at the forfront of decentralized, community driven, censorship free dApps. RideUP will be available on iOS, Android, Web, Amazon Alexa and Google Home platforms. Our target launch date is September 2022.

iOS Development
Android Development
Machine Learning


May 2019 - Present

RideUp - Co-Founder & CTO


  • Developed React single page application with Redux state management, routing with React Router, React Hooks implemented throughout
  • Pursued robust test-driven development with Jest and Enzyme
  • Authenticated users with Firebase Authentication,Stripe Connect facilitating payments
  • Twilio API,Google Places,Routes API implementation
  • Migrated codebase from Javascript to Typescript

Backend & Devops:

  • RESTful API with Node and Express complete with Mocha and Chai unit testing, GraphQL API implemented with express-graphql
  • Configured AWS S3 to store user files from Android, iOS and Web applications.
  • Migrated database from MongoDB to PostgresSQL
  • SSL/TLS encryption with Cloudflare CDN,Kubernetes certmanager
  • Deploying and managing microservices architecture with Docker and Kubernetes conjunction with Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
  • Ensured scalability with Horizontal pod autoscaling and Cluster autoscaling, utilized Nginx Ingress for load balancing
  • Cloudflare and NGINX ingress rate-limiting implemented to mitigate DDoS
  • Managed GCP IAM roles,projects and organizations.
  • Enabled realtime,bi-directional communication between backend and client with Socket.io
  • Adhered to CI/CD development practices with CircleCI & Bitbucket


  • Use of MVC design pattern
  • Properly implemented relative,linear and grid layouts
  • Minimized code duplication with Fragments


  • Performed CRUD with Realm persistent database
  • Implemented userinterface with UIKit,MVC pattern
  • Utilized weak variables to avoid retain cycles due to automatic reference counting
Sep 2017 - Apr 2019

Queen's Student Investors Group - Analyst , Industrials

  • Evaluate domestic and global financial market in search of investment opportunities
  • Utilize Comparable Company and Discounted Cash Flow analysis to value industrial equities
  • Research vital financial information for fundamental and technical analysis using Bloomberg Terminals, Morningstar and Capital IQ platforms.
  • Present and pitch securities to the rest of the investment committee, outlining either a bullish or bearish projection based on our financial valuation, potential risk, as well as our short-term/long-term investment strategy.
  • Use of EDGAR and SEDAR systems to view company SEC/CSA filings, quarterly and annual reports
  • Provide monthly market updates and assess the performance of the portfolio
  • Maintained diversified personal portfolio comprised of US/Canadian/Asian Equities, Bonds, ETFs, REITs, Alternative Assets and Cryptocurriencies.
May 2018 - Oct 2018

Canada Create - Full Stack Web Developer

  • Designing, building, and implementation of client web applications utilizing MERN stack demonstrating strong proficiency with MongoDB, Express.js, React, Redux, Node.js
  • Server side rendered applications developed with Next.js and EJS
  • Refactored layout of client applications meticulously utilizing Bootstrap, SASS and CSS
  • Created MySQL scripts to insert, update, delete and query data
  • Deployed MERN applications on AWS EC2, setup ELB to enhance scalability and reduce latency
  • Configured AWS security groups
  • Managed AWS IAM roles to keep access keys and secret access keys secure
  • Designing, implementing, and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Extensive use of project management tools such as Jira and Git to increase team productivity and performance
Apr 2018 - Oct 2018

QGEM - Front End Developer

  • Utilized HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and JQuery to develop responsive website for QGEM
  • Implemented userinterface with UIKit,MVC pattern
  • Made use of async and await in ECMAScript 2017 to implement asynchronous code
May 2017 - Aug 2017

Mount Sinai Hospital - Business Development & Web Development Intern

  • Utilized HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and JQuery skills to enhance the UX/UI of the Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Website
  • Wrote MySQL queries for CMaRS web based clinician management and reappointment system
  • Configured MySQL Docker containers
  • AJAX techniques utilized for asynchronous web applications
  • Developed a new responsive website for the Five Star Catering (Hospital Catering Service)
  • Drafted strategic proposal for physician to physician secure messaging systems to be implemented at Mount Sinai and subsequently pitched solutions to the business innovation tea
  • Analyzed the business case for PPID (Positive Patient Identification) systems on smartphones
May 2016 - Jan 2017

Queen's Solar Design Team - Power and Photovolaics Engineer

  • Circuit design for a DC-compatible residential system optimizing efficiency
  • AC-subsystem integration for off-grid practicality
  • Made use of async and await in ECMAScript 2017 to implement asynchronous code


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